Sanskriti Museums - The Vision

The Museums of Everyday Art, Indian Terracotta and Textiles are a conduit for the preservation and presentation of indigenous heritage, craftsmanship, aesthetic functionality and cultural practices.

Tradition and modernity are not two separate categories - one transmutes into another. The preservation of cultural heritage, therefore, has its own validity. The museums at Sanskriti are a base for such preservation as great attention has been given to the socio-cultural context of the objects. Our vision is to build upon our collections and to transform our Museums into a central resource hub for all research on the art & craft traditions of India in general, and particularly in our core areas of terracotta, textiles and everyday objects. We would also like to use the time to simultaneously review our interpretive approach to our collections, taking into account the multiple and changing perspectives within museology and museum studies, using that to inform and further enrich our own understanding of our collections, and then share that with our visitors.

However, museums the worlds over are also widening their scope from mere repositories and generators of knowledge, into dynamic learning centers striving to be perceived as active agents of cultural values. Thus Sanskriti Museums and their spaces also play a pro-active role in dissemination of information and creation of awareness amongst children, students, artists, scholars, designers and the interested public.

Museum of Everyday Art

Museum of Indian Teracotta

Museum of Indian Textiles

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