Artists studios
Accommodation for International Residencies
During your stay at Sanskriti you will be housed in the studio buildings, giving you full access to your workshop and studio space at all times, catering for whatever work regime you set for yourself. 
Sanskriti Kendra provides three types of accommodation:

4 Studios - Type I
Living Space – Mezzanine – 125 sqft
Work Space – 415 sq ft

4 Studios-Type II
Living Space – 270 sqft
Work Space – 370sq ft

All eight studios are double-storeyed apartments. A staircase leads up from the studio to the mezzanine to a comfortable bedroom and bathroom. All studios open into a courtyard.
These are available for individual artist residents.

4 Dormitories – Type III
Space - a – 600 sq ft
b – 400 sq ft
There are four ground floor general studios. All open into a courtyard.
The dormitories have a boarding capacity of 4 to 5 adults.

• All studios are equipped with worktables, work counters, easels, storage space and kitchenettes.
• All studios have attached bathrooms with clean linen and towels.
• Laundry services are available against payment. Dry cleaning can be arranged if requested.
• The tariff for accommodation includes the rental, meals and use ofall facilities, including free participation in all the many cultural, artistic events and activities that take place at the Kendra.

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