Ceramic Centre

The Sanskriti - Delhi Blue Ceramic Centre – the only one of its kind in India-plays host to diverse ceramic activities and interactions, both national and international. The programmes offered include residencies, classes and interactive workshops for ceramicists, talks, slide shows, firings and demonstrations.

  • Regular beginners’ classes consist of a basic three-month course, teaching clay preparation, centering, wheel throwing, and making simple shapes.
  • Special summer classes (particularly for children) are organized every year between May and July.
  • Interactive workshops for potters and students of pottery conducted by Indian and international ceramists.
  • Lectures and demonstrations by renowned national and international potters are held regularly.
  • Visitors and visiting out-station potters can work on a daily basis at the Ceramic Centre.
  • Firing facilities are available throughout the year, along with assistance in firing.
  • Residencies during summer and winter, are organized via the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust.

In addition, pottery tours and walks can be conducted for visitors. Options include the Sanskriti Terracotta Museum, the Crafts Museum, and visits to potters’ villages, public and private studios.
Facilities at the Ceramic Centre
The Ceramic Centre is well-equipped with the following types of wheels and furnaces:
• 9 Kick wheels
• 2 Painters’ wheels
• 5 Electric wheel
• 1 Pug wheel
• 1 Wood kiln
• 2 Gas kiln
• 1 Testing electric kiln

Timings - 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Closed on Mondays

For information on all of the above, please contact:
Sanskriti Kendra
Anandagram, MG Road
New Delhi - 110047
Phone: 91-11-8130968700
Email: kendra@sanskritifoundation.org

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