Past Workshops

Various Workshops, training sessions, Leadership programmes by NGOs are organized at the Sanskriti Kendra. Some of the prominent organizations who have been using our space in the past are Pravah, Jagori, National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI), The Raza Foundation, Action Aid, Piramal Foundation, etc.

Windows: Art and Craft - March 2013

Ms Renuka Taneja,a graduate from College of Art and an alumnus of NID organized the 'fun with art' session for kids and a corresponding fun cum learning session for their accompanying adults. She worked with the kids using art and craft media (sketching and painting with acrylic on different surfaces exploring dry pastels) to help children create something in a boundary less way. Such Workshops were organized every month and culminated in an Annual Exhibition in July showcasing all the works done by children.

Enamelling - April 2013

An Enamel Art Workshop was designed for the Crescendo participants from Price Waterhouse Cooper to Sanskriti Centre on Tuesday,23rd April, 2013. This was a group of 15 overseas professionals looking at a hands-on experience sensitizing them to some traditional Indian art or craft form. The day bagan with a Museum tour of all the three Museums, and then the participants were exposed to the art of Enameling where they created a souvenier each to carry back home.

From Me to We - June 2013

Sanskriti organized this workshop in collaboration with ‘Pravah’ during the Summers of 2013. This 5-day Workshop aimed at unleashing Leadership and having activities for children around Leadership building. It focused on understanding various aspects of Leadership, recognizing and using conflict resolution skills, enhancing interpersonal skills, etc. These were all done through play-way method with the help of Puppet making, comics making, Theatre and Treasure hunt of Museum Objects.

International Basketry Workshop


Sanskriti Foundation organized an International Basketry Workshop sponsored by the Office The Development Commissioner, Handicrafts, Government of India.

The workshop was unique - for the first time four basket makers one each from Botswana, India, Japan and Scotland came together to exhibit their baskets which had a distinct style.Six Indian artisans who were traditional basket weavers were part of this workshop.

The workshop offered an opportunity for exchange of techniques, styles of basket making and to provide styles and exposure to use a variety of sustainable materials.

Workshops for Children


In its endeavour to sensitize tender minds and bring about an awareness and understanding of our cultural and natural heritage, Sanskriti creates interesting programmes for children. This enables children to express creatively and explore the world at their own pace, amidst the peaceful and safe environs of the Sanskriti Kendra.

Childrens’ workshops are organized at the Sanskriti Kendra from time to time under the ‘Yatra’ programme. In the year 2009-10 nearly 2000 children benefited from the workshops at Sanskriti. Of these 50% children belonged to non formal schools being run by various NGOs, differently abled children and children from Government schools.

The childrens’ programme consists of carefully designed set of learning materials based on the collections of the Sanskriti Museums and pedagogical practices that help children to move from concrete experiences to understanding as they gain skills.

Some workshops organized in the recent past:
• Pottery
• Sujjuni Embroidery
• Block Printing
• Paper Crafts
• Warli Painting
• Bamboo Crafts


Offeranda – The Mexican Day of the Dead


In 2006 Mexico celebrated the 600th anniversary of the birth of “Tlatoani”, a great Monarch and poet. Keeping in with these festivities the Mexican embassy in New Delhi came in collaboration with Sanskriti Foundation to invite the Iconic and much-celebrated artist from Mexico Rev. Maestro Felipe Erhenberg, who agreed to come to India and not only put up an “OFFERANDA” but in order to pass

on the cultural similarities between the two countries, to a new generation, held a workshop over eight days with the students from College of Art, New Delhi.

These students 25 in number worked with the Maestro from 10am in the morning to late evenings, preparing the Offeranda & experiencing the mystique powers. It was finally put up on November 02, 2006 and opened to people from all walks of life to come and experience the cultural similarities from two different corners of the world, notwithstanding the geographical boundaries or differences in time. It was indeed an honour and a unique experience.

Rafoogari - The Darning Tradition of India


It was for the first time ever, Rafoogars of India, who are specialists in Textile restoration and conservation were brought together to demonstrate their work and interact with each other. The Sanskriti Foundation in collaboration with INTACH, Indian Council of Conservation Institutes, New Delhi organized this unique workshop.

Rafoogars who independently practice the darning traditions in India along with modern restoration practitioners from various institutions were invited. There were dyers of natural dyes and a team who specialized in mounting and displaying exhibits in the Museums.
The workshop was a one of a kind experiment to recognize the skills and methods of darning as a versatile and holistic traditional practice and inculcate the awareness of contemporary conservation issues in the maintenance of rare and precious textiles.
• Highlight Rafoogari, the traditional practice of darning in India in the context of maintenance and preservation of historic textiles
• Bring together darners to share and exchange different techniques, materials and methodologies
• Inculcate awareness among darners about issues of conservation and restoration in the context of use of appropriate materials and methods

International Jewellery Workshop


Sanskriti Foundation and Karukkul Foundation jointly organized an international jewellery design workshop and prototype development programme which was sponsored by the Office The Development Commissioner, Handicrafts, Government of India. The workshop which was led by both Indian designers from Rajasthan, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi and designers from Japan, Cambodia, United Kingdom.

The workshop provided a platform for the designers to interact and to understand the various ways of diversifying Indian jewellery craft and accessories for an international market.

International Ceramics Workshop


An International residential ceramic workshop was organized at Sanskriti in collaboration with the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust between the 5th to the 20th February 2009. There were 15 residential participants besides a group of day participants.

The residential workshop involved an exchange of skills by bringing together potters from different working environments, cultures and traditions, to pay tribute to clay - a timeless natural material which continues to be a source of inspiration for potters around the world. An installation was created at Sanskriti to mark the occasion. The international participants were from Australia, Colombia, France, Indonesia, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK and the US.

The workshop culminated with an exhibition titled ‘MAATI’ at the India Habitat Centre on 21st February, 2009 in which 102 practitioners displayed their creations. A publication also titled MAATI was brought out on this occasion.



During 2008 and 2009 Sanskriti was the consecutive venue partner for India’s first ever Children’s Literary Festival: “Bookaroo!”. Despite the fact that children’s books are the fastest-growing segment of the publishing industry, there had been no festival devoted to bringing together books, children, authors and illustrators until then.

Unlike book fairs, where the emphasis is clearly on selling, the Bookaroo! festival was a place where the imagination could take flight. It was not just about buying books, but rather hearing and seeing how they come alive.

With internationally renowned children’s writers and illustrators, puppet shows, dramatic reading, and interactive workshops, children were inspired to read, draw, watch, question, imagine…to discover new worlds, and rediscover beloved classics.

Bookaroo! featured amongst others programmes:
• Conversation with Jeff Smith, author of the bestselling Bone series of graphic novels
• How to make a comic with Subhadra Sen Gupta
• The Glum Peacock (Young Zubaan) Story telling with Tabish Khair
• Teddybear’s picnic with Jerry Pinto (author of A Bear for Felicia, Puffin)
• Inky fingers: screen printing workshop with Tara Books
• Rhyme Time! Poetry with Anushka Ravishankar
• Dinomania: Make your own Bookasaurus rex with Dorling Kindersley
• Graffiti wall - draw your favorite characters! Express yourself!
• Best of British children’s illustrations exhibition - Magic Pencil
• Nonsense Workshop with Sampurna Chatterji
• A tete-a-tete with Dr. Seuss’ Cat In the Hat
• A panel discussion with Wendy Cooling, Paro Anand and Ranjit  

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