About Sanskriti Foundation


Sanskriti literally means the ‘process of cultivating’. Heritage is its fruit. The need to create, to discover, to imagine is universal and requires expression and therefore support.

The purpose of Sanskriti Foundation is to cultivate an environment for the preservation and development of the artistic and cultural expressions of India but of the world as a whole.

Established in 1978, Sanskriti Foundation is a registered Public Charitable Trust based in New Delhi, India. Sanskriti perceives its role as that of a catalyst, in revitalizing cultural sensitivity in contemporary times.


  • To create an understanding and appreciation of Indian traditional arts and culture
  • To encourage intercultural artistic dialogues and collaborations between international artists, arts practitioners and local Indian artisans
  • To support, nurture and nourish emerging artists, writers and social entrepreneurs
  • To offer visibility to indigenous traditional arts and artisans, crafts and crafts-persons through the Sanskriti museums
  • To perpetuate and strengthen the cultural roots of the emerging generation world over
  • To increase the appreciation of Indian arts, heritage and crafts through education and participatory activities among young people

Sanskriti is dedicated to promoting, preserving and presenting the Indian traditional arts and culture through the following programme of work:

  1. Support and nurture young talents from the fields of arts, crafts and museum through
    Sanskriti Awards and Fellowships
  2. Provide a retreat at Sanskriti Kendra as a space for contemplation, exploration and the
    development of creative ideas in a supportive environment
  3. Host residency programmes as a way of supporting and helping artists, writers, scholars and
    creative individuals to strengthen their practice
  4. Increase the appreciation of Indian traditional crafts among public through the collections at
    the Museum of Everyday Arts of India, Museum of Indian Terracotta and the Museum of Indian Textiles
  5. To develop and nurture appreciation of Indian arts and crafts through the educational
    programmes, cultural orientation programme and outreach activities for children and young

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