Sanskriti – Pt. Vasant Thakar Memoriall Fellowship


Sanskriti Foundation has embarked upon a new fellowship from 2014 which has been instituted by Ms Purobi Mukharji, in memory of her Guru late Pt Vasant Thakar ji.

The Fellowship is given to recognize and provide a platform to well established and highly talented classical music artists, by and large such gurus who are richly deserving of a wider recognition as both gurus and performers. The Sanskriti-Pt Vasant Thakar Memorial Fellowship, to be awarded every year, also features a live performance every other year and the guru, if he or she so wishes, may choose to use the Fellowship funds to encourage disciples to further hone their skills.

Pt Nirmalya ji is the first recipient of the Sanskriti-Pt. Vasant Thakar Memorial Fellowship and he has proposed his disciple, Seuli Chakraborty, to be part beneficiary of this Fellowship.

The terms and conditions of the Fellowship will be updated shortly.

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